Flue Adpter Rev, Free, FreeBay

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Lopi Flue Adapter

The flue adapter has a built in flue collar with pre-drilled holes designed to make flue attachment easier. It may be used to adjust the position of the flue exit up to 1 5/8" back


  • Lopi Revere (X-NT) 
  • Lopi Freedom Bay 
  • Lopi Freedom 
  • Lopi X-96 
  • Lopi Flush-Bay 96

Packing List

  • Flue Adapter 
  • 4 10-24 x 1/2" Thread-Cutting Screws 
  • 1/2" Black Self-Adhesive Gasket (50" Long) 
  • Instruction Sheet

Items Needed for Assembly

  • Drill with 5/32" diameter drill bit 
  • 5/16" Nutdriver